Bid Adjustments Step by Step

The bid modification module allows you to adjust campaign bids to get closer to your target ACOS (advertising cost of campaigns). To do this you must follow the following steps:

1- Download the following file from your Amazon seller account:

2 – Make the corresponding adjustments in Sellerika

When filling in the fields, take into accountthe following considerations.

Target advertising cost (ACOS). To perform the calculations in the campaigns with sales, we will consider this value. Specifically for each campaign, keyword or ASIN of the competition that has sales this formula will be used:

New bid = (target ACOS / actual ACOS) x Cost per click

If you enter a high ACOS in this field, new bids bids will be higher, you will have more impressions and clicks, but more advertising cost.
If you enter a low ACOS in this field, new bids will be lower, you will have less impressions and clicks, but less advertising cost.

There is no ideal target ACOS but take into account:

  • Objectives you want to achieve with your advertising campaigns
  • Margins you have in the products you are selling
  • Life cycle of the products (launch, consolidation or declining products)

Types of records. You can specify for which type of records you want to update bids:

  • Default group bids. This value can have a big impact, since Amazon will use it for all keywords or ASINs that do not have a specific bid
  • Bids for auto campaign targets (loose match, substitutes…)
  • Keyword bids
  • ASIN bids

Changes for records with or without sales. Records that do not have sales (ACOS = 0) are treated differently from those that do have sales. In campaigns without sales we cannot use the target ACOS to make bid adjustments. So the changes will be made based on the spent quantity or clicks you specify.

Save profile To save you time entering the data in future uses of this module, you can save the data entered through the “Save profile” option and use it later using “Use saved profile”

Once we have clicked on “submit” the system will direct us to the download page. We advise you to download the file immediately, since we delete all the data every 24 hours.

3- Upload the file to your Amazon seller account

To to modify the bids of the campaigns you must go to your seller account, and upload the file that you have generated in the corresponding marketplace (FR, UK, ES …).

As follows:

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